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South Africa Adopts Plan Aimed at Curbing Job Losses at Mines - "South Africa’s government, mining companies and labor unions adopted a 10-point plan Monday in an attempt to curb job losses in an industry where more than 11,700 people are at risk of losing their employment." More
- 08/31/15 | Item

Job-Cuts Backlash in South Africa Pits Mining CEOs Against Zuma - "Relations between South Africa’s government and the mining industry are unraveling as a commodity price rout derails plans by President Jacob Zuma’s administration to create millions of jobs and pare a 25 percent jobless rate." More
- 08/12/15 | Item

Study Finds Permit Delays Harm Mining Investment, Minerals Supply Chain - "For years, we have witnessed U.S. mines struggle to move forward due to an inefficient permitting system plagued by duplication, uncertainty and delays," National Mining Association President and CEO Hal Quinn said. "This study now confirms the connection between the delays and their effect on companies' decisions to invest in domestic mining projects. Hopefully it will strengthen the resolve of Congress to fix a broken permit system that threatens to break down a minerals supply chain that is critical for U.S. manufacturing." More
- 08/10/15 | Item

South African Union Rejects Higher Pay Offer of Gold Producers - "South Africa’s Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union rejected a pay offer made by gold companies, stopping short of calling a strike." More
- 08/02/15 | Item