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Africa's Fastest Growing Gold Producer Says More to Come - "Burkina Faso said it has more gold waiting to be discovered as the nation where output jumped more than 20 times in a decade reviews its geological records." More
- 08/30/16 | Item

Bolivia says deputy interior minister killed after kidnap by miners - "Bolivian Deputy Interior Minister Rodolfo Illanes was beaten to death after he was kidnapped by striking mineworkers on Thursday, the government said, and up to 100 people have been arrested as authorities vowed to punish those responsible." More
- 08/26/16 | Item

Gold Wildcatters Wooed as Peru Swaps Dynamite for Dialogue - "Peruís former President Ollanta Humala used explosives to combat wildcat gold miners in the Amazon jungle in a bid to stem deforestation and mercury pollution. His successor is taking a more diplomatic approach." More
- 08/09/16 | Item