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Gold Deal-Making Heating Up as Kirkland Swallows Newmarket - "A proposed merger between two Canada-based gold miners is the latest example of consolidation in an industry that remains under pressure to cut costs, even as stronger gold prices smooth the way for deal-making." More
- 09/29/16 | Item

Illegal Gold Mining Hits Record Death Toll in South Africa - "Illegal gold mining is getting worse in South Africa, according to rescuers, who hauled a record number of dead bodies from abandoned mines this year." More
- 09/27/16 | Item

Big gold miners see muted M&A as bullion's rise limits bargains - "The world's biggest gold miners will stay shy of big acquisitions, top executives said this week, noting that a jump in the price of bullion has made potential purchases pricey, and memories of failed deals linger." More
- 09/21/16 | Item

Deeper Gets Deadlier in South Africa's Aging Gold Mines - "In a country that remains one of the biggest producers of gold, platinum and diamonds, the toll of 60 mining deaths this year through August was 20 percent higher than the same period in 2015, according to the Chamber of Mines, an industry group. The annual tally is heading for its first increase in nine years and the biggest in at least two decades, escalating concerns among both workers and mining executives." More
- 09/09/16 | Item