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General Mining News

Tanzania to pass laws next week to renegotiate minerals contracts - "Tanzania's parliament should pass legislation next week that would allow it to force mining and energy companies to renegotiate their contracts, the justice minister said on Friday." More
- 06/30/17 | Item

Mining sector faces unrest and other woes - "THE proliferation of illegal mining incidents, community unrest are some of the problems that have increased risk in mining in South Africa the Chamber of Mines chief negotiator, Elize Strydom said yesterday." More
- 06/23/17 | Item

Congo businesses denounce 'unjust' taxes in copper-mining region - "The Chamber of Commerce in Democratic Republic of Congo has complained to the government about a worsening business climate in the country's copper-mining region, including what it says are unjustified duties on power imports." More
- 06/02/17 | Item

Ghana's 2016 gold output jumped 45 pct to 4.1 mln oz -report - "Ghana's gold output jumped 45 percent in 2016 compared to the previous year as new projects came online and activities expanded across the industry, the Ghana Chamber of Mines said in a report on Friday." More
- 06/02/17 | Item