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Security tightened after illegal miners attack government posts in the Amazon - "Brazilian army and police officers have ramped up security in the northern town of Humaitá in the Amazon region after illegal gold miners set fire to the offices of government environmental watchdogs, officials said on Sunday." More
- 10/29/17 | Item

Philippines environment minister hopeful for end to open-pit mining ban - "The Philippines’ environment minister said he was hopeful that a ban on open-pit mining would be lifted before the end of the year after a government panel recommended its removal on Tuesday." More
- 10/24/17 | Item

Peak Gold Output Is Looming for World’s No. 2 Producer - "Gold output in Australia, the world’s second-largest producer, will peak in 2021 and more than halve by the mid-2050s as aging mines close, according to Melbourne-based industry adviser MinEx Consulting Pty. The nation needs to act to boost future production from new discoveries, or risk “significant supply disruption in the medium-term,” MinEx managing director Richard Schodde said in a study published Monday. Gold exploration spending rose 26 percent in the 12 months to July, Australia’s government said in a report this month." More
- 10/16/17 | Item

Cautious investors still favouring gold royalty companies over miners - "Investors in precious metals are opting for streaming and royalty companies over pure gold and silver miners this year despite a rise in metal prices, as producers struggle to win confidence in their ability to capitalise on the rally." More
- 10/11/17 | Item

In Bre-X Country, Junior Miners Can Crash or Post 1,000% Gains - "Unproven penny-stock companies, in Canada or anywhere else, are never for the faint of heart. But add to that the strike-it-rich ethos of energy and mining, major drivers of the Canadian economy, and the results can be explosive." More
- 10/11/17 | Item

Scientists Find $1.8 Million Worth of Gold in Swiss Wastewater - "Scientists at the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology estimate that about 43 kilograms of gold -- worth about $1.8 million -- passes through the country’s wastewater every year." More
- 10/10/17 | Item

WA Liberals set to block Labor's gold royalty increase - "LABOR'S $392 million gold royalty hike has been killed off, with Liberal MPs voting to block the controversial measure in the Upper House of Parliament." More
- 10/10/17 | Item

Reuters - "A new power struggle is unfolding in South Africa’s old homelands between global mining giants, traditional leaders and an impoverished rural populace." More
- 10/08/17 | Item

Robots under Swedish forest breathe life into ancient mines - "Hundreds of meters below the lush forests of rural Sweden, one of the world’s most ancient mines has been transformed into one of the most modern.Sensors linked to robotic equipment in Boliden’s Garpenberg zinc mine – which has been in operation since the 13th century - feed data to operators above ground as screens blink and flash in a nearby control room." More
- 10/04/17 | Item

Indonesia may require miners to pay share of after-tax profit under proposed rules - "Miners operating in Indonesia will have to pay a share of their after-tax profits to both the central and local governments under new tax rules under consideration for next year, according to documents outlining the proposal reviewed by Reuters." More
- 10/03/17 | Item