Silvercorp Reports Newly Exposed Mineralization At The TLP Mine From Its 2015 Exploration Tunneling Program - 1,414 Meters In Total Length - "The 2015 exploration program at the TLP mine consists of exploration tunneling and underground diamond drilling on major production vein structures T11, T14, T15, T16, T21, T22E, T23, T33 and T35E and their parallel subzones and splay structures to upgrade and expand the known mineral resources and to explore for new mineralized zones. Exploration tunneling, consisting of drifting, crosscutting and raising, has continuously exposed high-grade mineralized zones within production vein structures between levels 920m and 650m, and underground drilling, mainly comprising stepout and test holes, has successfully expanded known mineral resource blocks and further traced the downdip and strike extensions of the target vein structures from the current mining and development levels." More
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