Silvercorp reports exploration updates for HPG gold-silver polymetallic mine: Significant strike extension of major production veins defined by its on-going dri - "The 2015 exploration program at the HPG mine was designed to upgrade the drill-defined mineral resources with exploration tunneling and to explore for new mineralization at the unexplored downdip and strike extensions of major production veins H17, H15 and H5W using underground diamond drilling. Drill targets on the strike extensions of H17 and H15 are distributed approximately from 50m to 300m northeastwards from the previously known mineralization within these vein structures. Results of the on-going exploration drilling program thus far demonstrate that mineralization of the major production veins H17, H15 and H15W have been extended for about 300m along the northeast strike direction between the 450m and the 100m elevations." More
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