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GSR interviews PETER SCHIFF – June 11, 2019 Nugget

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– Part II with Peter Schiff, head of SchiffGold, Euro Pacific Capital includes key insights on the financial markets.
– The Echo Great Recession could be more intense than the 2008 meltdown.
Corporate bonds defaults could trigger an unstoppable financial crisis. Unlike a the last financial debacle.
– This time the fallout could be systemic leaving unwary investors with few places to hide especially institutions.
– Peter Schiff is concerned about the debt / leverage in the residential housing market as seen in the echo housing bubble.
– Given the national Case/Shiller S&P Housing index; caveat emptor notes Peter Schiff.
– His chief concern remains the systemic risk in the US dollar and related paper assets.
– The ideal panacea remains gold / silver and related shares as well as non-US investments as safe havens.
– The host remains bullish on the long-term aspects of the cryptocurrency market.
– Peter Schiff encourages investors to book profits in the sector and redirect funds to the PMs.
-Just as Venezuela issued a crypto backed by the national oil supply, Peter Schiff agrees with Chris Waltzek, the cryptocurrency has tangible as well as digital value to the betterment of global society, such as a rare painting.